Yerba Mate: The better Alternative

Are you one of those people who are looking for healthier lifestyle options since balancing your life and keeping yourself healthy at the same time has become the need of the hour? Then it is time to opt for better alternatives; coffee is an essential in day to day life so what can be the better alternative to coffee? The answer is the Yerba Mate from Dos De Mayo, Argentina. The Yerba Mate is FDA approved and is the exclusive option for your supply of energy and caffeine. 

The Yerba Mate has got the potential of coffee whilst the health benefits of a healthy tea and it gives you the bliss of chocolate, all of this combined in a single drink like a complete package.  The Yerba Mate is manufactured from the leaves of a native tree species in South American Rainforest, Ilex Paraguariensis. The Yerba Mate manufactured at Yerbaly is a family owned plantation and it is harvested with advanced technological process to be sold in the market. The Yerba Mate is said to have 24 vitamins, 15 amino acids and sufficient amount of polyphenols, so it the healthy option to regain your energy. 

Yerbaly aims to reintroduce Yerba Mate in the whole America a healthy alternative for coffee since it is a whole package. You can know more at