The innate thirst to connect with nature is quenched through drinking a better tea. The same vibrant philosophy is behind Yerbaly, the perfect platform for getting the purest Yerba Mate. In 2015, the story began as the founders sought a new stream of natural energy for consumers. So, the journey of finding a perfect blend of natural ingredients packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional elements needed to lift the soul began!

Next, the story shifts to Argentina, where Yerba Mate is a way of life for residents—exactly where Yerbaly imports its tea. In this way, we painstakingly sampled various suppliers, before flying to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to indulge in a first taste of the local way of life, while gaining hands-on experience with our product.

Instead of stopping at Buenos Aires, we delved deeper into the remotest Argentinian areas, including villages enjoying a more relaxed and slower-paced life. Ultimately, our journey proved a success, arriving at Dos De Mayo, Misiones, which serves as the heart of Yerba Mate production. The partnership with our supplier was instantaneous, with him and his family instantly becoming our biggest advocates and strongest business relationship.

Committed to quality, our supplier operates an FDA-approved facility, offering confidence in the production. Feeling energized to continue our journey, and packed with bags of Misiones’ finest Yerba Mate, sourced directly from our supplier, we returned to the US. Since that time, the relationship has developed, with orders being shipped from his farm directly to us in the US.

Beyond offering tea, Yerbaly possesses a unique dream and special vision. We feel every American deserves a vigorous, uplifting, and vitalizing start to each day, which is why we are so passionate about the benefits of Yerba Mate tea. We are committed to spreading our love for the product, as well as the culture behind it, to bring people together. In the end, we want our products to convey the spirit, vibes, and way of life behind each batch.